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Karshika : A Complete Indian Agricultural Portal

Karshika.com is a one stop solution for all types Agricultral, live stock and related needs.We are aimed to become India's Best Agricultural portal with in 2014. Karshika will Enlist all agri,horti, and live stock nurseries and farms in India. We provide informations of Agricultural enginneering products, Manures,tools,and new invetions. We are provide a Job portal only for agri sector also a market place for remote farmers to sell their products directly to the end customer online. Our major ares of service

  • Agriculture News and Informations
  • Agriculture Job portal
  • Online Agricultural product market or Shopping
  • Social farming promotion activities.

Agriculture E-Learning courses

The Centre for e-Learning of Kerala Agricultural University invites applications for its International Award winner e-Krishi Patashala

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